Our boy

My husband and I went to the Humane Society because I found a puppy online that we wanted to give my daughter for her 14th birthday. When we arrived someone had already claimed the puppy so we decided to look at the older dogs. We saw many really cute dogs but one in particular caught my husband's eye. In a kennel with 6ft walls there was 1 1/2yr old Zeus. He was jumping straight up in the air, higher than the top of the gate on the kennel, we took him out and went to the meeting room. Our first and only test with Zeus was giving him a treat and then taking it away from him. He passed with flying colors! We knew he had to go home with us. My daughter didn't mind that her present was not a puppy! The Humane Society had him for over a month so his days, I'm sure, were numbered. He is "Our Boy" and we are so glad to have him in our lives. We call him the lap dog in disguise!! :)
St. Louis, MO