Our brave Japanese

Japanese is a 7-year-old domestic black and white cat. She was found in the street sick and with one eye smaller than the other. Someone abandoned her there and she was only a baby who desperately needed help. She had two surgeries : the first one, when the vet tried to cut her eye lid of her deformed eye so that she could see a little; the second one, when he decided to remove her eye completely because it was swelling often. After the second surgery, Japanese wanted to walk so badly. She was falling on her face (the anesthetic made her feel dizzy), but she was still trying to walk in spite of the pain she must have been feeling. Today, she shows us how happy she is, even with only one eye, by making funny "I'm-happy" sounds, giving us the most adorable kisses and running around. We adore her and admire her courage. Japanese's story could be a lesson to a lot of humans.
Olga Zaric
Montreal, Canada