Our Flower Pot Baby

We had 4 indoor cats after we got married. Two boys mine & two girls my Husband. I moved into my Husbands house in suburban GA. We thought our 4 cats were more than enough for our new family. However feral cats came to our back door begging for handouts. How could I just look into those hungry eyes and ignore them? So of course I fed them and then they began to multiply! Oh Boy! We had to do the right thing and discovered that you could catch, fix & release feral cats! Too late for the litter of 5 in our backyard. I took this adorable pic of one kitten who favored our flower pot. With God's help I was able to capture all kittens during one terrific rain storm! They scurried into our drain pipe on the side of our house & Mama cat ran somewhere else for cover. I knew it was my big chance - so I took it. In the back door ringing wet with the muddy pipe full of mud & kittens. I thought I caught 1 - ALL of them were inside! Well.....this story is getting long. Bottom line: We found homes for the 2 girls & ended up keeping the 3 boys. All of the outdoor cats are fixed & living their happy lives. The kitten in the flower pot is our beloved "Skeeter". He likes to play fetch & is a sweet loving boy. We couldn't imagine our lives without every single one of our fur babies.
Tanja Ray
Lawrenceville, GA