Our "Lady"

Lady walked on to our property about 8 years ago as a skin and bones puppy. Her tail was almost as long as she was. I called to her and she came to me immediately..she was so sweet and gentle, a real "Lady" so that is what we named her. The vet said she had been abused and starved and has a large barbed wire scar on one hip. He estimated her at about 8 months old. As you can see from the picture, she has "food issues" so we can't keep any dry food out like we had done for our other dog who only ate when she was hungry. Lady must be on medication for a thyroid problem as we could not get her to drop any weight with just adjusting her diet. She has lost about 6 lbs now and is much more active, although we don't know how she managed to get that belly up onto the picnic table to eat the food we had left for the birds!!!
Marilyn Urbanowicz
Cookeville, TN