Our Little Midnight

About a year ago, a Siamese, a tuxedo kitten and a black kitten began appearing at my back door looking for something to eat. The tuxedo cat began showing that she was having kittens, and my son and his friend took her to a Cat Rescue Lady where she had her 5 kittens right after Father's Day. The black kitten was also in a family way - and usually famished. She had 4 kittens in the crawl space under my neighbor's porch on July 27th, and on Labor Day weekend the kittens came out of their hiding place - 4 adorable tuxedo kittens, two longhair and two shorthair. We tried finding an agency to take them, but there was 'no room at the inn' at any of the agencies' foster care homes, so we brought them inside and fostered them for 5 weeks. We gave the kittens up for adoption to the local Cat Project but decided to keep the little mother, whom we named Midnight. We already had 4 other adult cats who were not that interested in another little one coming into the household, so there were a few tiffs. Midnight began to follow me around when went anywhere in the house, trying to beat me to the basement when I went down there, or would sit or lie at my feet while we were watching TV. Being a kitten yet herself, she would try to play with the tails of the others, or would play with her toys (some of which were lost somewhere). Midnight loves being petted and loved, and we can feel her love for us. She likes to hide under the bed and grab at your feet as you pass by. She has brought us such happiness. The Siamese went home with our son.
Jeanne Buynak
Stratford, CT