Our little Sanchez

I adopted my first dog 4 years ago-a rottie X from a reserve. He was beaten and pack attacked so whenever he's around big dogs, he isn't relaxed because he's scared they'll attack him. We wanted to get another dog to keep Koda company, but knew were had to get a small dog. I had been perusing petifnder.com for about six months before we found our new addition. "Buddy" is a year old Chiweenie. One of the main reasons (besides his size) we decided to meet him was because he is black and tan, just like Koda. We knew it would look cute to have matching 9lb and 80lb dogs. The day we headed out to meet Buddy at the shelter, a huge snow storm happened. A 2 hour drive turned into 5 hours but it was worth it to get him. Once we got him home, we renamed him Sanchez. Sanchez and Koda became instant friends. Koda has health problems, but Sanchez keeps him feeling young - always enticing him to play, even games of tug-o-war, which Koda had never had any interest in playing with other dogs before. Sanchez spent the 1st year of his life gated off in a kitchen 24/7 so came to us not house trained, scared of new people and kids and hating the cold weather since he was never allowed outside. He has made great progress in the 3 months we've had him. He still isn't house trained and is apprehensive of new people, but it's hard to break a years worth of damage. He'll come around, we have faith in him. I'm grateful to petfinder.com for helping connect us with our new addition. We look forward to many years of doggy mayhem! (the picture is Sanchez in his bed sleeping on Koda)
Erin Kelly
Calgary, Canada