Our new baby

Meet Rosco, our new dachshund. He's about 8 weeks old. A man called the Humane Society to come pick up a puppy that "just showed up" in his back yard. The HS had their doubts about the "just showed up" story. Said the puppy was perfectly clean, not thin at all, or anything like that. They suspect this man got the pup and it was somehow injured and the guy didn't want to deal with it. Rosco's left front leg doesn't work right. Our vet said that his "elbow" seems to have some fractures in it, but probably not repairable. His paw on that leg seems to have some nerve damage and just kinda "flops". The good news is that he's just a baby, so Doc said that there's a good chance the nerve damage will heal over time. He runs like the wind without using that leg, so all is well. We are thrilled to have a new pup to liven up the household! Rosco is just so affectionate and loving and is already showing signs of being a brilliant guy! We're blessed to have him.
Mrs. Van Skeens
Mena, AR