Our Rescue From PetSmart - Joey

I stopped at the pet store to buy some items and went by the animals for adoption. There were kittens and one older boy named BooBoo who was 3 years old. I believe his name came from his tail that looked like it had been broken as it was all crooked. I stopped by a couple of weeks later and he was still there but all the kittens were gone. I asked if I could hold him and asked how long he had been there. They told me he had been there about 3 months and was depressed; it broke my heart. I held him and told him he would find his forever home soon. I went home and told my husband about him and he said "that's too long for him to be there". We already had a rescue cat named Boo (because he played peek-a-boo) and a dog so we discussed it for the next couple of weeks. We decided to take Boo up there to meet him and all he did was hiss at him which wasn't a good sign; but I knew Boo was already agitated because of the car ride. A couple of weeks after that while running errands, I asked my husband what was next on the list. He said the pet store and if he's still there, we were getting him. Well, he was and we named him Joey. It took awhile to integrate him into our clan but him and Boo are now best friends and love to play together. Our dog, Sophia, just tolerates both of them. At first, we didn't think he could jump up on things but with time his muscles gained strength and now he jumps on everything. He's a daddy's boy and Boo is a mommy's boy.
Frederick, CO