Our Rescued Boys

After losing our beloved Romeo, an 11 year old English Springer Spaniel in December '05, we became involved with MAESSR and fostered several springers. In January '07, we fostered Reno, a 2 year old male, liver & white, who was found as a stray. He was very respectful to his sister, Chelsea, our 14 year old springer female who we had since she was 8 weeks old. In November '07, we helped Chelsea cross the bridge, our hearts broken. In June '08, we fostered Mojo, a black & white springer, an owner relinquishment who had been horribly neglected. We had no intention whatsoever of keeping him but after spending 2.5 months in foster care with us, we could not give him up. Both boys are happy, healthy and in a very loving home. Their unconditional love knows no bounds. They truly are a blessing!
Ilonka D.
Gloucester, VA