Our Rocky

Rocky came to us when he was 5 weeks old and very close to dying. He was bug and parasite infested and quite emaciated. Jim rescued him after he crossed the road in front of Jim's vehicle. We named him Rocky as he had a very rocky start and fought hard to survive and survive he did! He turned into the most loving and caring cat. When our Mikey was suffering with cancer Rocky was always there with him and stayed with us and Mikey when Mikey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Our oldest cat, Amber, is now blind and Rocky is always there with her. At first we thought Rocky was competing with Amber for our attention; then we realized that Rocky was aware that Amber was losing her vision and he was actually protecting her and making certain she was safe. It is rare that they are not in the same room together or on the same bed together. Our other cats just love Rocky and will seek him out for companionship.
Marian & Jim
Gettysburg, PA