Our sweet 3-legged Missy!

One Sunday on the way home from church I noticed a cat and some kittens at an unoccupied house. My plan was to trap them & find homes for them. We were easily able to trap Tori & snatch up her 2 kittens, but upon closer inspection, we realized that someone was feeding multiple strays at this house. It turned out that the former next door neighbor had been returning to feed the strays, but had no idea how to handle all the ferals that were breeding there! After some investigating, I was able to leave a note & got the person to call me. We eventually trapped about 19-20 cats and either released them or found homes for them. After a few months, the owner of the house decided to move back in and didn't want the remaining 2 cats there. Now our task was to get these last 2 cats--a long-haired tortie girl with a necrotic right rear leg & an orange tabby male both of whom we had already trapped, neutered & released. Finally, we were able to get them. We took the tortie to the vet for leg amputation and the male we set up in a cage in our garage. The plan was to release them near our house & continue to care for them. We already had multiple cats inside & didn't need more. We released them on Saturday morning & didn't see the tortie, Missy again until Sunday night. She had figured it out & had decided to stay. The male, Mel had apparently left the area although we did see him a couple of more times (He actually finally made his way back to the original house & I occasionally see him there.). Missy has become our "deck cat" and is a little love bug. She loves to be held, brushed & petted. Apparently, she is very appreciative of our saving her. We can't image how she would have survived in the condition she was in.
Thomasville, NC