Our sweet Maisy

We found Maisy 8 years ago by using Petfinder.com and we are so glad we did. Our Maisy is a huge part of our family she belongs with us. Her personality matches ours perfectily. I had lost my cat a few years before having Maisy and was afraid of getting close to another animal. But when I saw Maisy and read her story how her and her two sisters where found on the side of a road up on Maine and turned into the shelter I got her from I was sold when I saw the pictures. I gave up being afraid and know I would love again. I love my Maisy just as I would a baby girl. My son now 13 and my husband also love her very much. As a awesome Uncle use to tell me ,"I had it made" I know say that to my son and Maisy. Thank god for non kill shelters and the people who give their time to them . It was PAWS up in Calas Me. that I got Maisy at a 8 hour drive from we live but so worth the trip!!!
Michelle Melvin
South Berwick, ME