Our White Knight

Sir Andre' was rescued at birth 9 years ago and quickly rose to be the leader of the pack of 9 cats with whom we share our lives with. His alias is Rowdy Yates, Trail Boss, as he rides the cat herd hard making sure no one breaks the rules. Most nights he sleeps on my pillow snoring like the sound of a tea kettle and is my personal White Knight. Because of his outgoing, loving nature, Andre' has been the inspiration for the rescue and adoption of 14 cats in our household as well as 4 others in PA. All of our subsequent rescues were feral, abandoned or mistreated and have come to know complete harmony and unconditional love at our home I call Rainbow's End. They are the joy of my life and a proud accomplishment in that we were able to provide a loving, indoor environment for a colony of feral and stray cats in my neighborhood. Sir Andre' is now beginning to show signs of heart failure and I don't know what we will do without him. His heart is too big for his chest, which is no surprise to us. We are doing whatever we can to provide the best medical care for him and let him know every moment that we have with him how much he means to us and how very much we all love him. Andre' is a very bright light in our lives and even if we lose him, that beautiful light will shine on in all of our hearts forever.
Vanessa Taylor
Moodus, CT