PATCHES - A Cuddle Kitty

As I look out the window at the rain, I reflect back to mid-September, 2013 when what seemed like endless rain had caused flooding here in Colorado. We had kept one garage door partially open so our two cats, Eli and Lilly could come into the house if they were outside. One night, just a glimpse in the dark showed another cat was in the garage. The next day we could see that it was a young, long-haired female kitten and she was totally wild. Always just a quick glimpse and she would disappear in the garage. Also disturbing was that it was obvious she was near death from starvation. Her sunken eyes had a look of sadness. Her long hair just hung off a frame with no body. Being cat lovers, it tore at our hearts to see this pathetic little girl. She was definitely a poster kitty for the ASPCA. I had my doubts that we could save her. For the next three days we fed her and not a crumb remained until the fourth day. I began to feel that she would survive. We started to call her Patches because her coat looked like she was put together with patches. We installed a cat door and made her a nice bed. For the next five months she gradually lost her fear of us. Closer and closer she would let us approach her before she would run away. One day she was less than a foot from my wife and I when she came to us and cuddled. Ever since, she has been the most lovable cuddle kitty that either of us have ever been around. We don’t know who was the most lucky that she came into our lives, she or us. That's her on the left on the chair with Eli on the right so you can tell she's part of the family.
Loveland, CO