Patty & Seth - Rescue pups in Minnesota.

This is Patty (Staffy - Brown & White) & Seth (Kelpie - Brown & Tan). They are both rescues that no one wanted. A plea was put on Facebook by a local rescue here in Minnesota for someone to save Seth. If I didn't offer to Foster Seth, he would have been euthanized that day. So, I agreed to take him without first meeting him. He was in a high kill shelter in Kentucky. They pulled him and drove him to Minnesota for me to pick him up. It was a rough for a few months as he kept jumping the fence and running, and chewing up the furniture and stuff in the house when left alone. A year later, another posting on Facebook asking for immediate help for Patty. She kept getting loose from her previous owners in Minneapolis and animal control kept picking her up. Finally her previous owners said they didn't want her anymore. The rescue was trying to prevent her from going to the animal shelter. I couldn't help but feel for this girl and agreed to take her as a Foster without meeting her or really knowing what kind of dog she was. It took us three days to introduce Patty and Seth, and several months of getting an hierarchy established; Seth and Patty were fighting for the Alpha position in our newly formed pack. After 9 months, boundaries and expectations have been set with both dogs. I get a lot of compliments on how cute they are together. I never had "bully" breeds, so I had to do a lot of research to understand the temperaments of Staffordshire Terriers (Patty) and Australian Kelpies (Seth). I have learned they need a strong leader, boundaries set, and tons of love and patience. Now if I can only get them to save room for me in the bed at night. :-)
Crystal Enderson
Shakopee, MN