Paying it forward

This rescue happened before I came in the picture. One cold winter day hubby finds shepard mix puppy tied to tree alone. From her condition and behavior she had been clearly neglected and abused in her life. He took her home and she learned what loving home is. Many years later she escapes her yard. Very odd as she had never shown interest in wandering before. She comes home on her own about an hour later and hubby sees she is carrying something gently in her mouth. He sits down and she lays tiny, filthy, sickly white kitten in his lap. It's eyes were barely just open. Dog nudges kitten and nudges hubby and looks up at him pleadingly like. "Save it". He does save it. Named him Siameesee Something or just Meesee. Hubby has always loved Siamese cats and had special connection with them. The dog has since crossed the rainbow bridge after a long happy life. The cat is still with us and he is as loving as they get. Loves to be cradled in our arms like a baby actually flopping over. He is also the "mother hen" to our other rescues always bathing a fussing over them guess he wants to pay it forward too.
Jodi T
Brewster, OH