Peace at last

Tyson came to us about seven years ago. Husband went to get him because our neighbors last their dog and a friend of my husband's said a lady that worked for him was giving away a Pitbull and the neighbors said yes at first. When my husband to get him (Tyson) he was nothing but skin and bones --you could count his ribs. The neighbors show him and said no so the hunt was on to find Tyson a home because at the time we had two wonderful Rottweilers and a boxer/pit mix so we really did not have the room for him but in the mean time we found out that at nine months Tyson had never had any shots nor was he on heart worm preventive which is really a must in the state of Florida. I told my husband no one was going to take him without his shots and to see if he had heart worms so off to the vet we went. When we took him to the vets office and ask about a lot of scares on Tyson the vet told from the looks of it the people who had him before were either trying to fighting him or using him as a bait dog-- so that explained why he (Tyson) wanted to rip in the Rattles and the boxer mix, the vet also told my husband that if he had Tyson neutered that it might take some of the aggression out of him and my husband said yes immediately and that is when I knew that Tyson was not going anywhere because it took me eight years to convince him to neuter my male rottie. After working with Tyson for months we have video of him playing with the rotties and boxer/pit mix.
Tampa, FL