Peanut is the grand lady

I was at one of my rehearsals for a musical and heard a lady talking about how she had picked up a dog at the shelter but when she brought it home it had nipped at her baby and she was worried about taking it back to the shelter. She described it as a bigger chihuahua like terrier. Well I heard her and just had an instinct to talk to her about the little dog. I just couldn't let her go back to the shelter! She brought the dog to the next rehearsal...oh what a sweetie and I fell in love and took her home. She fit right in with the animals we had then and has since become the "grand old lady" of the pack with the newest four. She is a very reserved, grand lady that watches over her domain and the rest of the family. A very gentle, loving sweetie. Peanut jumps into bed, curls under the covers and then comes out, lays back with her head on my pillow, puts her paws over the blanket and sighs. She is ready to go to bed! Peanut is the one dog of our four that really thinks she is a people. She acts more like a little lady, even in the way she will take a treat. Peanut has been with us 9 years now and is very much a part of our family. Peanut is the biggest "kisser" of the family to, unfortunately (for us) she has the looooongest tongue!! But we just love her to pieces!
Seville, OH