My mother was looking for a companion after her husband's death. We looked around on the internet until we saw a small little dog who was described as a complete lap dog. "That's all she does!" Her trainer said as he narrated her video. Just sitting there, next to her foster Mom--two little round eyes staring out between her foster mom and the edge of the Lay-Z-Boy. "This would be a good dog for an older person." Her trainer continued. Also, we learned that this little dog was a rescue from a puppy mill nearby. About five years old, her name was "Peanut." Peanut had to learn potty training, how to drink out of dish, how to walk on a leash, how to get used to night-time, and other difficulties, because she was kept in a cage all her life. She was greatly blind and she lost most of her teeth as well. Undaunted, she was cute Chiweenie--Dachsund and Chihuaha mix. She turned out to be a special companion for all of us,a not just my mother. Our favorite was the little "food dance" she would do. Spinning around and letting her tongue fly and her nails tap out a rhythm on the kitchen floor. Now she has all the lap time she could ever want!
Sr. Mary Dominic
Lufkin, TX