peanut's rescue

my kitten was born down at our barn in an empty horse stall in the middle of a manure pile.a persian cat we had down there had 3 kittens.the next day i went down there 2 of the kittens were dead and only one survived.i put him in the end stall where there was some straw.mama cat went in there and sat with him. the next morning i went down to the barn to check on him he was gone.mama cat had moved him in the next stall with our mare. fearing she would get stepped on i moved him back in the empty stall. the next morning when i went to the barn the mama cat had moved him again in with our mare and since she knew he was there now i just left him in there.2 weeks later mama cat got killed out on the road in front of our house so i nursed the kitten on a got cold down at the barn so i brought him in the house and put him in a laundry basket with towels to keep him warm.when he got older i let him out of the basket to run around and he followed me everywhere. i then put a litter box down on the floor and he soon started using it.i then started him on solid food. i named him peewee but as he got older we renamed him peanut. i saved his life twice and then we had to have our schnauzer dog put to sleep so that is how peanut became our house pet.he is spoiled rotten but we love him very much.he is 5 yrs. old now and will have a good home for life.
Brenda Witt
Pana, IL