An old neighbor called me just before Christmas, desperate to find safe harbor for 6 horses. Several months earlier, 25 horses had been included in the sale of a church that offered a riding program . The church's new owners had decided to terminate the riding program, and had insisted that the director of the program remove the horses from the property by the end of December. Many horses were sold to students who had been riding them, and to other private parties. At the time Nancy called me the deadline had been shortened - there were 4 days left. I immediately called my neighbor, Gonzalo, who had made the mistake before of offering to help if I ever had emergency "horseguests". Housing arranged for two horses!!! Contacted people who might have friends with empty stalls - got an offer from Krissy - 2 more stalls reserved!!! Called my girlfriend Kelley, and lined up a second trailer... The photo I posted was Penny "before". Penny is a tough old bird - the only horse I've ever seen willing to challenge Delight. After the starved look went away, we realized that this mare had awesome conformation, & must have been really a looker in the past. She went to a riding buddy of ours with horse property in Yorba Linda who's never owned a horse. Now Barb rides with her neighbor. Barb trailered to Chino Hills with him, & because of a locked gate it turned into a 3 hour ride. Penny was totally in her element; she came back leading the ride :) Not bad for a 30 year old w/ navicular.... I have an "after" picture - Penny is glowingly lovely! The neighbor borrows her to take his girlfriend camping. Penny is loved & fussed over by Barb.
Ingrid LeMasters
Mira Loma, CA