Pepper, One Spicy Kitty

We found Pepper at our local Animal Rescue Center. Our other (rescued) cat was a girl and quite the queen but we felt she might appreciate a playmate. Everyone told us that we should adopt a male kitten since they would probably get along better together. I saw "Peppy" and it was love at first sight. He was so soft and loved to cuddle. When we took him to the vet two days later, we discovered that he was a she but we were already hooked! Pepper, as we now called her, had a few health challenges when we first brought her home, but as she healed we discovered how she had gotten her name. Our previous cats had all been older and more settled but Pepper was another matter indeed. Pepper is everywhere and into everything. If she's not teasing her sister by nipping at her tail or threatening to jump down on her back, she's on the highest ledge in the house adjusting the speed of our ceiling fan!! Pepper is a year old today and she is looking forward to her second summer aboard our boat with her sister, Nosey. While most people view dogs as "boat animals", our cats love their boating life. They are easy to care for and you don't have to walk them in a storm! We celebrate the kind people at the Animal Rescue Center who found Pepper for their work and their selfless dedication.
Willoughby, OH