Pesto my Girleee Girl

Pesto and her brother Ruby were rescued in 1998. They were so young and small - literally they both sat on top of a paint can...holding on to each other, scared of their new environment. These two were inseparable. We moved several times in their younger years and they handled it like champs. Once settled into a new home, they chased each other around the house, talked to the birds and played for hours on end. Ruby passed in 2008 from cancer and Pesto was lost. She became very lonely. We adopted two boys (Caesar and Fenwick) to help her with being lonely, but she never took to them. You could say she tolerated them and ensured they kept their distance. She became my lap kitty as I drank my morning coffee and my snuggle girl at night. Yesterday we helped her over the rainbow bridge, as she Was turning 19. She is truly missed as my heart didn't want her to go. She is now with her brother Ruby running and playing again. So, this is my first coffee morning without my Little Pesto girleee girl. I loved you with all my heart. I miss you.
Nokesville, VA