pettie mesquitie

My dad found an abandoned baby ground squirrel one day and brought him home to take care of. I was so excited to have a pet this unique. His eyes hadn't opened yet and he seemed so fragile. We went to the pet store and bought a bottle and animal milk to feed him. We named him Pettie Mequitie. We kept him in a tank with rodent bedding inside. A week went by and his eyes opened for the first time. We were so happy and thought for sure he would grow up with us. We got very attached with him the week and a half we had him. Sadly he died, and I was so upset that I cried and cried. I don't have my dear little pet but I have his pictures that remind me of how great having him was. I learned you don't really know how much you love something until you lose it. Pettie will always be in my memories and in my heart.
Bam Bam
Tucson, AZ