Petunia the Porkie

After the last of our 3 large dogs died, the house just didn't seem the same without one. Five days later, I went in search of an Irish Wolfhound, but I couldn't find the address. Determined to at least see a dog that day, I finally stopped at a restaurant and asked the cashier if she knew the location of the animal shelter. She said if I wanted a puppy, she had one to give away because her house had burned down and the new landlord didn't allow animals. When her shift ended, she went home and returned with a little Pug/Yorkie mix, and it was love at first sight. Petunia is now nine years old, and an endless supply of love, entertainment and energy. We've rescued three more since then, and she let them all know who's in charge. She immediatly laid claim to the blind Irish Wolfhound we adopted a few months later, even sleeping on top of his back. She guarded and protected him until the day he died. Now it's hilarious to watch the rambunctious young Great Dane/Boxer being dominated by such a tiny creature. Her favorite playtime is "Ball", and he knows to leave hers alone!
Julie Walls
Knoxville, TN