Phoebe Lee has a forever home

We had lost our beloved Dakota Rio on August 20, 2017 after 18 years of love and loyalty. The house got very quiet so in October we thought we'd go to a rescue shelter and look around. Kody had been a pure bred Tonkinese but we wanted a rescue this time. We saw Phoebe, and one other kitten, and just took one look at her face and knew she was the one. We brought her home and two days later she got very sick. We took her to the vet three times that first week. She had an upper respiratory infection, high fever, wouldn't eat, was sneezing a lot and we didn't think she would survive. We put her in a steamy bathroom, kept her warm, washed her congested nose so she could smell her food and eat and snuggled her as much as possible. She got somewhat better but we decided to get a second opinion. The new vet diagnosed her as having herpes, ordered eye drops and lycine powder to put in her food. She is doing well right now but this isn't curable; just treatable when any symptoms pop up. We love and adore our sassy little girl and would do anything for her. In return, after just six weeks, she is comfy, rules her domain, and makes us laugh. She is our gorgeous, precious sweetie and we hope she'll live a long and happy life with us.
Judith Rubin
Tucson, AZ