Pierre Po Tate O & Scout Look Out!

Being a Veterinary Technician, I see and hear various rescue stories and have been involved with several rescues. I have 2 shelter dogs, these 2 I rescued. The Dachshund mix in back of picture's official name is Pierre Po Tate O but has several alias's, Gater Tater, Tate, Tater Bug, Tatie and Tater Tot just to name a few, surprisingly he comes to all. I first saw him on ultrasound, his Mom was a stray found by a family that never owned a dog before, they fell in Love with her. They didn't think they could deliver her pups, I offered to foster her but when it got close to delivery the owner was so attached she couldn't part with her. Five pups were born on Halloween, I found homes for three including my Tate. Tate has made friends from my old Vet Clinic to my new. He goes to work with me and would be the perfect dog if he was not so obsessed with food, typical chow hound. Scout Look Out (in front) was not as fortunate as Tate, he is an akc mini dachshund. I adopted Scout at age 9 from a client who said she was moving and didn't think Scout would do well. The first time I went to get Scout he tried to bite me, I wasn't sure I would make it home. Scout had several issues including a bad case of separation anxiety. It was over a year before he learned to play, he would just bark while the other dogs played. It was so cute the first time he joined in, he backed up into Tate and kicked his back leg out. He has since made many friends and does not suffer much with anxiety, he is a happy healthy 15.
Karen Jo Sicotte
Pittsfield, MA