Pix: A Brave and Cherished Life

I found Pix crying in my mother’s garden in Winnipeg in the summer of 2009 and, after asking around the neighbourhood and realizing that this skinny little kitty was barely surviving on occasional handouts, I took her home. Every local rescue I called was full so I decided that, yes, I could handle 3 cats. Pix never did really like any other cat but she loved her people and the feeling was mutual. Unfortunately, her hard life on the streets brought with it aggressive mammary cancer and her first major surgery was in 2010. She continued to battle over the next 7 years but cancer did not define her. Pix was a spunky, growly, sweet, loving, forgiving little girl who loved her people as much as they loved her. As the tumors kept returning and surgeries were no longer an option, she begrudgingly but bravely put up with the many conventional and holistic modalities that we hoped would help her beat this terrible disease. We also tried to fill her life with fun and love and in her last year she especially enjoyed her daily carriage rides around the neighbourhood. We lost our loving, brave angel on Oct. 6, 2017. No words could ever describe the intense grief and emptiness her death has left in our lives. We miss everything about her, from her uniquely outward-facing eyes to her unconditional love snuggled under the covers with us at night. But we will always cherish her memory and will continue to support rescues that help the injured, homeless and abused animals in our area.
Winnipeg, Canada