Podo - Foster Failure

My roommate and I purchased our house in July 2015. In January 2016 we decided to foster cats through a local rescue because we already had two dogs. When I joined the rescue there was a Rottweiler in the kennels but I didn't dare go in the kennels. We were going to stick with cats because we knew we wouldn't be foster fails with cats. Come February we ended up with our first foster puppy. She was too cute to say no to! She wasn't with us long and the next week we brought home a second foster puppy. In March there was a nasty snowstorm one week and the rescue was bursting at the seams! One of our kittens had been adopted so I went and picked up another cat and said we would try to take another dog. The director asked me which dog I wanted. I knew who I wanted. I wanted that gorgeous Rottweiler that had been there for three months! My exact words were, "I want Podo, but if I take him home he is never leaving." Ten minutes later he was in my car. The poor boy had been picked up as a stray in Detroit with his brother. His brother was adopted and Podo was living in the kennel because nobody wanted to foster him. They told us he was food aggressive, and that he didn't like men. As soon as I got him home he was a different dog. I kept asking if they were sure we had been talking about the same dog! He was 69lbs when we brought him home, two weeks later he is now 85lbs and still gaining weight. He is such a good boy and fell right in with our two girl dogs. We are so happy with him and we love him dearly! Sometimes you just have to give in and say yes. We are just waiting for the puppy to be adopted and then we will just be fostering cats, hopefully!
Saint Clair Shores, MI