Polska, the crooked baby

I had wanted to adopt a calico for a while and I was interested in getting an older cat because they don't get adopted as easily as kittens and yet they have so much love to give. However, after two failed attempts at getting an older cat, I came across this little calico kitten on my local facebook rescue groups. It wasn't what I had planned but she had been found nearly on the verge of death and desperately needed help, so I contacted the phone number given on her post and asked for more information. After giving it much thought for a couple of days, I decided to go get her. She was so tiny that I was afraid of holding her because I felt like she would just break. It turned out her hind legs were decalcified and she needed special food and milk, and she was also terrified of humans and life in general because she had been adopted and given back twice after being rescued on the street. All of these facts made me love her even more, she was a poor baby in need of love and care. Now a month later she is a happy, healthy kitten whose left hind leg is longer than the right one due to a malformation caused by the decalcification, but she doesn't even care as she runs and jumps around the place. She still has a little trouble trusting strangers but she is not as scared as before, and she loves to cuddle with me every night when we go to sleep and loudly asks to be pet. I named her Polska, which means Poland in Polish, given my ancestry. I can't imagine my life without her; she is now in her furever home and she lets me know how thankful she is every day.
Santa Fe, Argentina