I came to look at a horse for sale and there he was tied to a tree. He was wearing a burnt oil soaked rag to help with his mange.It was cold out, getting below freezing at night. All he had was an igloo dog house with some hay in it to keep him warm. My heart broke for him. How could I get him away from those terrible conditions? We already had several rescue dogs. I didn't sleep the next 2 nights just thinking how I could save him. On the 3rd day I was offered Porkchop because he was in the way of the owners child care business as none of the clients could pet him because of his skin condition, an embarrassment I suppose.I snatched him up and took him straight to the vet before they had time to change their minds. I never learned why they named him "Porkchop" , but I don't think it was for a good reason. He has been happy and so grateful ever since. Porkchop has blossomed into a handsome dog who has been with us nearly 14 years. It is a mutual love affair.
Clermont, FL