Pound Puppy

We got Maeve from the local pound about 5 years ago. She was the cutest little thing and so well behaved when we came to visit. During the week we had to wait we visited every day and took her for walks outside. She had been found on the side of a back road with a sister & brother. The man that adopted them said they were the smartests pups he's ever had. Our Maeve is no different. She knows what is being said and it goes way beyond "out" and "sit". She was given a container to lick clean & took it into the other room. When she came back looking for more she left the container behind. My mother said "You're not leaving that in there, are you?" Maeve turned around, picked up the container & brought it back. The pound told us if she had stayed a week later they would have had to put her down. They felt she was too agressive because she would try to jump over the dividers and bark at the other dogs. But after bringing her home, i know she was just playing. She loves other dogs and people and will lower herself to be the same height as the little ones. Maeve was a little under weight when she came home. Now she's a sold 80 pounds. I'm so glad we got her in time. She is the smartest, most beautiful, caring dog i've ever known.
Glendale, NY