Precious BabyGirl Kittykat

In 1996, I had roommates. One of my roommates, Jerry, brought home two kittens. He gave me one (Smokey) and he kept one (I forget what he named her then). One day I came home and he had thrown his kitten up against the wall, she was lying there stunned. I asked him what happened, what was wrong with her? He told me she bit him so he threw her across the room. If I could have afforded to kick him out, I would have but instead she immediately became my kitten and he was banned from touching her ever again. She was such a sweet little calico that I immediately renamed her Precious BabyGirl. Last week, after 20 years together, kidney disease won the battle she'd been fighting for a year or so. She was gently and lovingly sent to the rainbow bridge, in her mommy's arms. We spent a lot of quality time together in her last week. We spent her last 24 hours with each other, lying on the couch as she was too weak to do much else. She never did anything you told her to, she never cooperated with anything asked of her and she never acknowledged that any rules applied to her. She was precious, she was b1tchy, she was spoiled and she was loved.
Martinsburg, WV