Precious Penuche

In November of 08' I was laid off from my job. My beautiful Tortie Autumn had been sick for months and in December of 08' she was diagnosed with bone cancer and was hours away from death, so I made the decision to end her suffering. I knew as she slipped away, I wanted to get another cat, but my husband wanted to wait a few months. A week went by and my husband also lost his job. We thought about waiting to adopt a cat until we were in a more secure financial situation, but every time we saw just one kitty face instead of two it made us sad. Our family was incomplete. In the beginning, my husband wanted a kitten, but I wasn't set on any age though I did prefer a female and she had to be very cute and sweet. We went to some of the cat adoption clinics at Petsmart and Centinela Feed, but the ones we liked weren't up to be adopted as singles. None of the others really seemed a good fit for our situation. A friend suggested we look at the animal shelter where they had found their patched tabby Pisco. We went by and looked at the cats, most were older, some were sick with colds, and there were no kittens. The youngest cat was a year old, but she was beautiful. Her color, blue cream is blue cream. She wasn't up for adoption, so we came back on January 2nd. She was very afraid of the barking dogs which could be heard in the play room, but I knew she was the one. They had called her Echo, but we named her Penuche, which is a kind of fudge made with brown sugar and milk, because she's so sweet.
Culver City, CA