Puerto Rican Princess.

While vacationing at our timeshare in Humacao, Puerto Rico during March of 1996, in a 2nd floor corner unit, next to a tall tree, a kitten climbed down from the tree to greet my husband in the early morning while reading outside, begging for a free meal. Of course he found something for her and the visits became more frequent. There always were a lot of strays in the area and we always fed them while vacationing there for years. This one was different. She seemed to be more used to people and would let you pet her and cuddle a bit. After a couple of days, she was hanging out with us and our friends, both indoors and outdoors. As time came close to leaving for home, I couldn't bear the though of just leaving her, amongst the many other strays, so we found a local vet to have her checked out and get her shots and a "good health" certificate. We called the Airlines to find that if we could put a pet in a carrier under the front seat, we could bring the pet on board - which is what we did. There is a small tree frog in Puerto Rico called Coqui, so that is what her name would be. She didn't grow much from the small size at about 6 months old, estimated by the first vet. It took a bit to get her acclimated with our 2 other cats, but it all worked out. When we went back to Puerto Rico the next year - all the strays were gone - they had been "taken care of", sadly. We were blessed to have gotten Coqui home when we did. We had Coqui for almost 20 years, losing her mid-January, 2016, when her legs just wouldn't hold her up any longer. She ruled our house, especially when she was the only kitty in the household. Coqui truly was our fiesty Puerto Rican Princess!
Reggi Baika
Salem, NH