Pumpkin Adopted Us

Pumpkin showed up on our back deck one day two years ago around Halloween. We already had two Yorkies and couldn't imagine how we could adopt her. But she took up residence in our backyard and simply wouldn't leave. Each day when we opened our curtains, there she was - curled up on one of our deck chairs. We failed to find her owner, so we took her to our vet, who said she was in good health. When the weather turned brisk, we invited Pumpkin into the house, where she has become a treasured member of our family. She brings all of us so much joy, even my husband, who has never been a "cat person." In fact, Pumpkin prefers to spend most of her day with him, sleeping near his desk in his home office. Our Yorkies, Rocky and Rosy, even share their toys and favorite sleeping spots with Pumpkin. Our family wouldn't be the same without her.
Carol Barbieri
Atlantic Highlands, NJ