Pye's Angel: Daisy!

My beautiful, wonderful companion, Pyewacket (a rescued fur person), became seriously ill after 13 very healthy years. Three months of 24/7 care seemed to revive her, if only for a few more seasons. Suddenly one February night she languished, and died. My beloved friend and soul mate through very challenging times was gone, and I was inconsolable. Returning from a reluctant vacation to Mexico, we walked into a house with no Pyewacket greeting us with her purrs and velvety caresses. In tears, I couldn't endure the painful emptiness, so immediately surfed animal rescue sites. I couldn't replace Pye; still I wanted a Tortie to remind me of her. At there she was! An adorable 5-month old who looked so much like Pye, and needed a home. Within a few weeks of losing my beloved, this kitten came into our lives and stole our hearts, a soothing balm for our grief. Her name is Daisy--Pye's original "shelter" name when I rescued her so many years ago. Coincidences convince me that Daisy is "Pye's Angel" come to comfort us. Daisy was born as Pye was leaving us. Pye had very unique behaviors, and, at 3 Daisy has adopted every one of those marvelous idiosyncrasies. Even more remarkable: in Mexico we purchased a clay sculpture of a cat, with Tortie colors to remind us of Pye, but with yellow-ish eyes instead of Pye's sea green eye color. As you can see from the photo, our Daisy has the yellow-toned eyes of the statue, purchased a week before we found her! Daisy is a delight! Playful, intelligent, sweet-natured. She's brought smiles and laughter back into our home, a wonderful companion for our Dusty. Daisy has rescued my spirit, salving my wounded heart and returning joy to our lives.
Christina Pitts
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI