"Queen" Maddie Lou

Maddie was found during a cold rainy storm. She had no hair, you could count the bones, and both eyes were swollen and infected. She was estimated to be 3 weeks old. We wrapped her in a blanket and took her to our vet in Madison, MS. Maddie spent 2 weeks in the hospital being treated for infections and malnoursihment. My husband and I went to visit at the end of the first week and were told the right eye was an open socket and the left eye had no lid. One snuggle with that hairless critter who could be heard purring across the room and my husband was putty. She came home to us when well enough. We took her to a specialist in New Orleans and had the damaged eye socket removed and closed and a lid was constructed on the left, but she is partially blind in that eye. As an adult she is barely over 6 pounds, but thinks she is the boss. She is extremely wordy and has excellent communication skills in expressing like or dislike of the situation. When she doesn't get her way, she becomes demon possessed (barks and shrieks). My grandson gave her the tilte of "Queen" and she expects to be treated as such. At 14 years Maddie is beginning to experience kidney failure and we know we won't have her much longer, but are confident that she has had a wonderful life and has given back, many times over the love we shared with her.
Evelyn Harris
Houma, LA