I walk my dog at a school near my house every evening, and I started seeing a couple of kittens there. I began feeding them and noticed they were living in a dirt hole under one of the school buildings. They were obviously feral and I contacted every shelter and cat rescue I could find in my area. No one was willing to help me, so I went online and learned everything I could about ferals and how to trap them. I borrowed a humane trap and was able to catch a little tabby within a few days. She was probably about 4 months old and was very wild, and boy did I have my hands full! She very slowly learned to trust me and now 5 years later we are inseparable. She is my soul cat and I truly can't imagine life without her! And I have been doing TNR in my neighborhood and now also have a small colony of ferals I care for every day, they bring so much joy to my life.
El Dorado Hills, CA