Rags to Riches

I manage a colony of feral cats. I had a friend helping me to TNR these cats last summer. She managed to get a kitten who was about 8 weeks old. She told me she thought this one might be able to be rehabbed and asked if I was willing to try. If I was successful, she would get this little one into an adoption event. So I agreed. Within the first day, I was petting this little fuzz ball and she was purring. By day 2, she was climbing onto my shoulders. My friend was still looking for a rescue to take this little one. However, she had won my heart over and she is now a permanent part of my family. She wants for nothing and enjoys her days tormenting her siblings. She has also made friends with a hummingbird, who comes to see her, through the window, each afternoon. Her mom and her brother are part of the feral colony and are well cared for as well.
April M Adams
Cottonwood Heights, UT