Rainy Day Miracle

My husband is an MP (Military Police) one night when he was getting ready to start shift he got a call from his guys out at a guard shack off post that they had found a small kitten taking shelter in the guard shack from the rain we had been having all day. He told them to try and find the owner and leave his name and number to call him just in case she didn't show up. Of course she didn't so on my way home I stopped by and picked her up. She clung to him and he was in love already. She curled up in my back seat and passed out before we left the parking lot. We named her Jinx (top). It only took about a week to get her and our 7 month old cat (Bella - bottom) to love each other. In the mean time I took her to get all her shots and check-ups. When I went to get her fixed the vet called me to tell me that she was chipped and they had to call the owner. I was already bawling at this point and scared my husband half to death when I called but he said they'd have to take him to court to take our sweet baby away. Turns out those nasty people at The Haven (look that up, it was terrible) were the ones trying to claim her so the vet said legally she was ours anyways because we had the last medical records to prove we'd been taking care of her. Once that was handled we got her home and haven't let her out of our sight since. My husband was never a cat person before but Bella (bottom) and Jinx (top) have changed that forever and they are inseparable.
Lillington, NC