Red Cat

Living in the country for 50+ years, we have had our share of feral cats. Some have gotten friendly enough to be considered pets and be named. I recall Banjo, Creamsicle and Yoda with fond memories. Our current outdoor cat is Red, so named because I thought Orange would not be a suitable name for a cat. He has had an adventurous life roaming the neighborhood. He was once gone for 10 days and I had pretty much given up on him. But back he came with a few new scars, but otherwise in good shape. He is now about 11 years old and spends more time napping in the sun than roaming. But he greets me with head bumps and purrs at every meal. And he enjoys pretending that he doesn't like our German Shepherd, but they are really good buddies. We cannot bring him in the house in winter because he has no indoor manners, but he has a snug house outside and is very content. More about our other cats later. S. Mortimer Ohioville, PA
Bob N Sue Mortimer
Midland, PA