Rescue dog Sheba

An amazing dog who has captured many hearts is enjoying a happy new life. German shepherd Sheba is settling into her new home after undergoing surgery to straighten her wonky front legs.Surrounded by love and cuddles from her new family, Toni and Paul Viner, she is well on the road to recovery. "We've only had her a short time, but it's like we've had her forever," said Paul. "She's very loving, very kind and very gentle. She's very appreciative of the life she has got and very forgiving for the life she has had."She just likes your company, a stroke and a little chat." It is through the care, kindness and generosity of a whole group of people that the life of a dog, with no hope for a future, has been turned around. The bow-legged German shepherd was brought to this country from Bulgaria earlier this year for life-changing treatment to straighten her legs after being spotted on the internet. Once in the UK, Sheba was cared for at Mutts in Distress. Sheba has had two operations, one on her right front leg in February and another on her left front leg in May. She is now nearing the end of six weeks of rest that is enabling her to heal.Toni and Paul's previous dog – Shane, a Belgian shepherd – died in March. Shane was only about ten months old when he was dumped in a ditch near Hatfield Broad Oak. The Uttlesford dog warden picked him up and he was placed in the care of Mutts for two years.In February, the day after Shane qualified as a Pets as Therapy dog, he was taken ill with a problem with the vertebrae in his neck. Tragically surgery could not save him."He was a beautiful dog, part of the family. Wherever we went, he went," said Paul.The couple were devastated. They had followed Sheba's story generally about her. "She's helped us with the healing process of Shane. She will never replace Shane and we will never compare her to Shane. We are helping each other in a big way."
OLD HARLOW, United Kingdom