Rescue of 3 Kittens and their Mommy

08 January 2009 - On Tuesday, I went to my mechanic for a service on my car and found a Mommy Cat +/- 8-9 months old with 3 kittens that have become tenants at this workshop. Needless to say it took about 2 weeks to catch them and then it was off to the vet to see if there was anything wrong and deworming and inoculations etc. Also I (the adopting mama) needed kitten food, toys, bowls, sand etc. This is their story... Our temporary names are Simba, Cheech and Chong and our Mommy is called Bella! We were really braving the odds when our Hooman rescued us from under a trailer… and we braved the odds against weather, rain, hunger and the big dogs next door….which would have ripped us to shreads…. We are just over 2 months old now and purr whenever our Hooman comes and gives us foodies! WE LOOOVVVVEEE playing with string!!!! Or belts or anything that is long like string! WE love catnip! WE love HILLS Science Plan Kitten Food and enjoy a packet of Whiskers (wet food) every night. WE get clean water and clean sand everyday and on Friday's WE GET A special treat from our Mommy Hooman in that she gives us a bowl of milk diluted with water…. We are best friends and we love each other very much. We our step-brother and sisters are called Paddy, Pringles and Lucy..Furr and so now our family is 7 strong.
Vanessa de Matos
Johannesburg, South Africa