One day, in the year 2000, while at the Vet's Clinic, we saw a little Kitty around 5 months old in a cage. He was waiting for someone to take him home. You see, for 4 months, he had been living outside in the cold wet weather. He had no one to love him or take care of him. Lovingly, he was rescued and brought to our Vet's Clinic where we adopted him. We named him Felix. Since we still were sad over the loss of our first 14 year old cat named Gumdrops, we felt that he was likewise rescuing us! When we are sick, Felix is there. When we want to play, Felix is there. When food falls on the floor, yes, Felix is there. No, Felix is not a dog. But, he sure acts like one! You see, when we brought Felix home, he was introduced to a playmate,...our 8 year old Shitzu dog named Buster. Buster, who sadly died in 2006, taught Felix so much. Felix rolls over for tummy rubs. He will run to the door when the door bell rings. And he also loves, and begs for,... dog biscuits. Although he acts like a dog, he pounces and "play attacks" like a cat. Through the stairwell rails, he waits to prey on his next victim, which is ANYONE or Anything. Although Felix is now 9 years old, he still has lots of energy and love to give. Yes, Felix may feel we rescued him, but truly, we all feel, we were ....."Rescued By Felix".
The Gayhart Family
Knoxville, TN