Rescued Dogs Find a Comfortable Spot

Dora, a Rottweiler mix, and Tam, a gorgeous Irish Setter, are rescue dogs who came to us on the same day. Dora arrived at the Humane Society during the confusion of the Katrina and Rita hurricanes, and Tam proved to be too spirited for his owners. Dora was scheduled to be euthanized the next day when someone rescued her and took her to foster care. From there she came to us. She was seven months old and Tam was eighteen months when they arrived at our house. They spent the first evening chasing each other around the back yard. By the next day they had learned to jump the fence. The fence is now fixed and order restored. Tam is the people lover who provides us with many laughs, and Dora is our Diva -- albeit a teddy bear if you rub her tummy. She is also the best swimmer at the dog park. Both dogs have found a loving and comfortable place both in our hearts and on our couch!
Kathryn A. Gerard
Sugar Land, TX