Rescued from the park

In January 2004 we found "Kittin" as we named her, alone, abandoned in the Botanical Gardens of Buenos Aires, and watched as for 3 days she remained camped beside her cardboard box, fending off the unwanted advances of other cats (the park is a reknown dumping ground for cats) but happily seeking the attention of humans (and food). After soul searching, we decided to take Kittin home, along with another younger cat also abandoned on the other side of the park. Kittin had recently had kittens, evidenced by her heavy milk laden teets but they were nowhere to be found. Juanita was young and still in need of mothers milk,so much so that within 10 minutes of being together in the safety of our apartment, Kittin and Juanita adopted each other as mother/daughter and they have stayed that way ever since - inseparable. Now, queens of our homes they travel with us and have become more than just part of the family. Kittin even has her own Facebook page under her full name, Kittin la Gorda Prau to be exact to boast of her travels and doings. Our only regret - that the possessive ownership Kittin demonstrates prohibits us from bringing home any more cats from the Gardens - there are so many that deserve a good home ! So if you're in Buenos Aires and feeling good about giving something to a needy animal, look no further than the Botanical Gardens between Avenida Las Heras and Avenida Santa Fe.
Buenos Aires, Argentina