Rescued twice......

I had lost my mother to Alzheimers and brought her miniature schnauzer home to live with me. He had been starving due to the depression of my stepfather, and I knew we would quickly become partners. We drove 500 miles together and he was so scared and depressed. When we got home he was greeted by two other dogs and quickly felt at home. Three years later, after a divorce, he left with me to a knew house, and I did not want him to be alone so we made a drive to the local SPCA where I found my Ava. She was a one year old, spunky, staffordshire and english sheepdog mix, and Fred was 8. Ava adored him and challenged my grumpy man every day to play. They were inseparable for 8 years until he started having uncontrollable seizures and I had to help him cross the rainbow bridge at age 16. Ava was devastated as was I, so we made a drive to the county shelter. That was the day I found Rex, a skinny, 14 pound, 4 month old staffordshire and greyhound mix, (I have their DNA done). He and his three other siblings had been thrown from a car into an orchard. A passer by had witnessed the action, scooped them up, and taken them to the shelter for safety. As soon as I saw him cowering in the kennel with those golden eyes, I new this was a match made in heaven. He came home and healed Ava's and my hearts. Their relationship is the reverse of hers with Fred with the same 8 year age difference. He is now a three year old, 75 pound lovebug who terrorizes her to play ALL day!!! Every day they make me smile, laugh, and fill my heart with joy. I am at peace and I know Fred was reunited with my mom. Ava and Rex might be rescues but they RESCUED me!!!
Kathleen Bruce
Bakersfield, CA