Rescuing Sophie was a great thing for us

My son had been asking me repeatedly if we could get a dog but I wasn't ready to make such a big commitment. We even visited the Humane Society several times to get qualified and to think about the kind of dog we might want to get. Six months later, I ran out of excuses. We visited the Humane Society again and after meeting several dogs who were much more interested in sniffing around than in us, they brought in Sophie, a Boxer mix. She came right up to my son and wanted to be friends. She was everything I was looking for; short-haired, not too big, not a puppy and friendly. She is a beautiful brindle color with a white patch on her chest. We both had a lot to learn as she is nervous around people outside but after getting great training, she continues to be the loyal, loving pet who lives for our evening walks. She loves to snuggle and knows which toys are hers and leaves our things alone. She has befriended people who never liked dogs before. We got her for my son, but she quickly became my constant companion as well! I never thought I would become a "dog" person, but she has taught me so much about the value of animal friends.
Caryn Zadik
Weston, FL