Retired Greyhound Becomes READing Paws Therapy Assistance Pet

Drew, fka L's Main Event, will become a READing Paws certified therapy pet through Intermountain Therapy Pets this spring. He will be featured in local libraries and bookstores in Paulding County Georgia as a Reading Education Assistance Dog. His goal is to improve the reading skills of new learners with reading challenges. His laid back disposition will make it easy for these children to share their reading skills with him and his always willing to listen large ears! He spent 2 years at racing tracks in Iowa, Alabama and Florida. He raced into our hearts in February 2007 as our first dog adopted from Southeastern Greyhound Adoption. We can't imagine our life without our Greyhound racing buddy. Drew is an accomplished Meet & Greeter at PetsMart each month in Douglasville and Hiram, a Pet Therapy assistant at Arbor Terrace in Austell, GA, and has obtained the AKC Canine Good Citizen designation. His favorite hobbies are sleeping, resting, playing keep away with his football, and laying in a sunny spot. His love of footballs made him a natural for the Mascot for the Pope High School Football team (the Greyhounds) in Marietta, GA. He attends all Friday night home football games in his jersey # 36, and proudly marches on the field with the cheerleaders. He joins other Atlanta area greyhounds in running down the football field with the players at the start of each game. He's even been know to pull over a cheerleader or two in his excitement. The highlight of last season was an off-the-leash run at the final game with his football. He managed to end his run by trampling over the opposing team's banner which was on the ground. The crowd roared and a star was born - our Drew, Drewbie-Doo!
Lisa Poole
Hiram, GA